Have a Plan Or You Plan to Fail

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Everybody should have a plan for the future. It could be a short term or a long term plan that is broken down into many short term plans. A short term plan is three months or less; the long one is one year or longer. For example, you have a long term plan-a purchase of a decent suburb single family home in the next ten years. You also break it down into many short term goals and one of which is saving one hundred dollars per month. There is also daily action plan to cut down expenses and save some money.

You have to take action according to your plan in order to reach your goal-buying a home. You have to cut down your expenses and invest the small extra money in stock, mutual fund or invest in Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). You consult with a reputable financial planner. You are happy with the road map direction that shows you what to do to reach your goal. You know what you should do everyday, month, and year. Long term planning to buy the house motivates you and makes you concentrate on the game plan that the financial planner gave you. You hope that your plan will work as you think.

If you do not have a plan, you simply plan to fail because you do not have a road map to follow. You let destiny take care of your life. You fail in life because you do not focus on what your life would be like in the next ten years. You have no bright future when you don't have a plan. You just dream and hope the future will bring you a good life and good luck. Planning is vital in life. Success or failure depends on how your plan it.

You can adjust your plan and have a back up when the plan does not work very well or when it does not progress. Do not have just a plan without a backup plan. A backup plan is essential in case one plan fails to produce the results you had in mind. Remember if you do not have a plan, you plan to fail in life. Go out and make a plan, a backup plan, and take action one step at a time. Planning for a purpose and taking action are essential for a success in life.

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Have a Plan Or You Plan to Fail

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This article was published on 2010/03/26