Kitchen Remodeling Made Easier

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Other than bathrooms, kitchens are the places that attract more people in many of the houses than any other room. Unlike bathrooms, these are the one that are most visible. Make your kitchen beautiful and functional on a certain amount with some simple ideas.

For many decades though the floor plan of the kitchen has been rectangular, the planning for this was based on the thought of triangle. A single person, most of the times a woman would do all the tasks of the kitchen. You have designs that depend on the idea to make the work areas very efficient for that single person.

Technological and social changes do make this plan obsolete. Think round. Though the plan of the floor is the same boring old rectangle shaped, you can make it smart by rounding up the ends of the countertops or by including an island.

Setting up an oval shaped island gives more than a single person to work at the same time give many areas on the very same place. Though it might look as a small work place, the usable space can be larger enough. Areas near the edges don't add for a good workspace as it is not easy to approach them comfortably. An oval shape permits to work around the whole perimeter.

Increase the space of the counter by making use of microwave ovens, paper towels and can openers under the cabinet. Not being similar to the traditional setup, keep them little lower, a usable height at the same leaving enough space above the counter for preparing drink and food.

The look of the cabinetry can be opened up and you can display your crystal glasses by taking the doors off on a single or more side by sides or even windowed versions can be used for replacing the doors.

Expose your own style by choosing from the hundreds of various kinds of handles, knobs and fixtures that are available these days. If you plan to remodel it along the lines of retro, opt for bright colors like reds or yellows or painted wood or bright ceramic. If your haven an appeal that is more graceful sophistication, choose bronze and dark woods or chrome and black.

Once the kind of handles and countertops are chosen which best fit to your overall appeal, match the paint and flooring not the vice-versa. Floors and walls need to be background surfaces, which should be highlighted by knobs and appliances.

Modern life is now moving at a pace which seems like maximize the need for kitchens to be beautiful and practical.

Built-in appliances, countertops and cabinetry need to very easy to clean. Today fortunately this need not mean being restricted to plastic and linoleum. Stone surfaces too are now in the form of composites which make cleaning effective and fast.

If you plan to do a major remodeling, ignore crannies and nooks which are hard to reach and inspect. Liquids and foods not only grime and dust has the ability to reach spaces you might have to for removing them.

Make things easy for yourself by removing the tiny strip back of the kitchen faucet or put the microwave in a place that would make lifting for a couple of inches easy.

Beware of gas and electrical connections when you plan to redo dishwasher area or plan to replace the stove. Have the complete area packed with plastic covered from ceiling when you redo plaster walls or wooden cabinetry which produces sawdust and dust.

Make plans for storage by putting shelves to the not much used upper portions and by keeping a handy breakable step-stool near to reduce the amount of space used.

Ensure to allocate adequate amount of budget for a good quality faucet, sink and dishwasher parts. One leak behind the walls might cost hundreds to repair it, increase the invasion of insects and you end up without sink for few weeks.

Create a functional and personal area and keep in mind that all of the expense and effort will be paid off faster than any other job of home remodeling. Everything done correct, you would love spending much time in the kitchen especially after installing the countertops for kitchen.

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Kitchen Remodeling Made Easier

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This article was published on 2010/03/31