Soul Plan Readings – The Benefits

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Soul Plan Readings – The Benefits

Did you know that your life has a deep plan at soul level? And that the this soul plan can be revealed to you at a deep level, and very accurately?

Here is how a Soul Plan Reading (also known as a Soul Contract Reading) can tell you so much about you.Your birth name holds the key.

The idea is that before you are born you agree a basic plan for your life so that you can balance your soul's experiences and progress in your evolution. This plan is encapsulated within your name, because the sound vibrations of your name actually attract to you the experiences for this plan to be potentially achieved. A birthname holds the resonance of a certain sound which in turn attracts to us all that we need to experience in order to learn our lessons, achieve our goals and optimise our talents.

Potentially, because first you have to have a way of finding out your plan. Now there are many ways you can do this – eg astrology, numerology (of which Soul Plan Readings form a part, but with a more complex system) and many others. But by far, Soul Plan Readings are proving above all accurate and transformational. Many clients experience ‘aha' moments during their reading.

A Soul Plan Reading reveals your karma, talents goals and overall soul destiny, which is your highest potential in this life. A reading thus helps you to gain much clarity and self-understanding. For example, it can help clarify the area of work that would be right, or in other decision-making. Often clients feel that healing also takes place during the reading, as just gaining self-understanding is hugely empowering.

A reading can also be beneficial for a child as it can help parents with greater understanding of issues with a child, and why behaviour may be a certain way. A reading will also show parents what their child's goals and talents are, so this can assist when guiding them in which directions to take as they move into adulthood.

Overall, a Soul Contract reading is a deeply revealing way to understand what your Soul planned for you in this life, which will serve you as a guiding post for the rest of your life.

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Soul Plan Readings – The Benefits

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This article was published on 2011/01/09